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The BlackBox flightlogger (formally the GPS60 flightlogger) is a complete flightlogger which is as accurate as a black box. It logs your flight and when you tell it to, it displays your flight in full 3D in Google Earth.

Click Manual to read more about the BlackBox.
Click here to download a sample flightlog.

Screenshot of Google Earth running next to X-Plane using the BlackBox realtime mode (click to enlarge):
Screenshot showing X-Plane and GOogle Earth running together with the BlackBox

Some of the BlackBox features:
- Log your flight and review it in Google Earth!
- Log your flight realtime in Google Earth.
- Make an animation of your flight.
- TCAS displaying AI or Online traffic.
- Compatible with MS Flight Simulator (FSUIPC) and X-Plane (XPUIPC)!
- The BlackBox will automatically download, install and keep up-to-date the XPUIPC module for X-Plane users.
- Automatic BlackBox version updating.
- Easy user interface.

Screenshot of the BlackBox flightlogger

The BlackBox flightlogger is compatible with X-Plane, through XPUIPC:

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