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This is the freeware website of Jasper Bussemaker, made possible by jBussemaker Web Development.
On this website you can find the freeware applications of Jasper. Click on Software to download them or read about them.

I also have a page on which I put applications which in my opinion are worth knowing! Click here.

An overview of the current projects:

IPS LogoIntegrated Pirep System: a PHP-based flight logger which runs on the webserver of a Virtual Airline.
WCG LogoWCG - World Clearance Generator: a clearance generator based on an easy script. It is to be used to generate flight clearances on the network of IVAO.
BlackBox Logo BlackBox flightlogger: a flightlogger (but with so many options that you can also call it a black box) which logs your flight flown in Microsoft Flight Simulator or X-Plane and when you completed your flight, it displays the complete 3D flightpath in Google Earth for reviewing.
UTR LogoUTR - Universal Timetable Reader: a timetable reader which displays a VA's timetable sorted by departing or arriving flights of an airport. It displays the timetable using a very nice animation.

Flash applets:
LiveBoard ScreenshotThe LiveBoard:
The LiveBoard is used to view live traffic of your virtual airline, directly from your database. You can embed it in your website and display your own logo on it. It is based on the Realtime NG Series.
Realtime NG ScreenshotThe Realtime NG flash applet:
The Realtime NG is used to view online traffic on the network of IVAO or on the network of VATSIM. You can embed it in your website and display traffic for an airport or an airline. The Realtime NG is one of the best tools available for viewing network data online!
UTR-Online ScreenshotThe UTR-Online flash applet:
The UTR-Online Flash Applet is an applet which can display .utr files (the files which contain all the airline and timetable data used by the Universal Timetable Reader) online. It is possible to embed the applet into your website!

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